About us

As can be established from the name Rightpriceauctions.co.uk that we are an online marketplace that allows sellers to list almost any item and buyers to place bids or buy outright if the option is available.

But a unique feature that sets us above the rest in the online auction place, that is also found in our name is that we want items to be listed at the RIGHT PRICE so buyers do not have to go through 100’s of overpriced listings to find an item that is priced right therefore we have allowed buyers to vote and say whether they think the price is right or overpriced. This unique feature is beneficial for the buyers as they can easily go by the votes when deciding to buy something and also beneficial for the sellers as they can easily see what their customers are saying about their price.

Buyers are allowed to register without I.D but sellers must provide proof of address and I.D before their buyer account will be authorised as a seller account.

Right price auctions has only been established in 2018 and we are very small compared to the huge online auction places that have been established and grown over the last 20 years, but one thing which sets us to grow in the coming years is that we will not make the policies but rather are waiting for you I.E the buyers and sellers to recommend what functions should be added to the website. Although we make no promises that every comment will be the means of changing the layout of the whole site but any recommendations or comments that can truly add value to the site will be listened to.